Don't Let Wood-Destroying Insects Infest Your Home

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A termite infestation can slowly but steadily damage your property. If not caught early, you could face higher mitigation costs in the future. But spotting the problem is difficult, as termites are small and good at hiding. To find out if your property is being destroyed by termites, rely on Buzz Off Pest And Termite.

We provide termite extermination services in Temple, TX. Our experience, knowledge and dedication mean that we'll get the job done right the first time.

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What makes our termite treatments special?

We go above and beyond with our residential termite treatments. We will:

  • Do liquid treatments
  • Place termiticides in the soil around your home that lasts for many years
  • Customize our services based on your specific needs
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Learn the signs of a termite invasion

Your search for an experienced termite extermination company ends here. Buzz Off Pest And Termite offers residential termite treatment services in the Temple, TX area. We can search your home for signs of a termite infestation, which include:

Sagging floors
Shelter tubes
Subterranean tunnels
Holes in wooden furniture
Piles of termite frass
Termite wings

Our residential termite treatments are sure to eradicate the termites lurking behind your walls. Contact us immediately to arrange for termite extermination services. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and give you a free estimate.