Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Offering bed bug services in Temple, TX

Have bed bugs infiltrated your home and mattresses? Don't waste your time with ineffective DIY treatments. Turn to Buzz Off Pest And Termite for professional bed bug services in Temple, TX.

We'll exterminate those sneaky bed bugs so you can get a good night's sleep. We offer a 90-day warranty on our services, so you can be assured that the job will be done correctly.

Call us today to learn more about our bed bug treatment services.

Walking with you through every step of the bed bug treatment

We'll follow a step-by-step process when we carry out our bed bug treatments. We will:

  • Start with an initial consultation
  • Come to your home and carry out an inspection
  • Carry out two treatments over the whole house
  • Perform spot treatments in areas prone to more bed bugs
  • Come back after some time to re-assess the situation
  • Carry out more treatments if needed
Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment for our bed bug services.

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Be on the lookout for signs of a bed bug infestation

Worried that bed bugs have invaded your house, condo or apartment? We can use proven bed bug treatments to remove them. Buzz Off Pest And Termite provides bed bug services in Temple, TX and surrounding areas. You can trust us to identify bed bugs and remove them from your structure immediately. The signs of a bed bug infestation, include:

Dark fecal spots on your mattress
Rust-colored stains on your bedding
Unusual musty odors in your bedroom
Shed skins or egg shells lying around
Red, itchy bites on your body

Reach out right away to arrange for bed bug services. We can use chemical bed bug treatments to exterminate every last bed bug in your home.